WikiSuite is the most comprehensive and integrated Free / Libre / Open Source enterprise software suite. The Real Time Collaboration part of it is XMPP-centric.

This site has a few purposes

  • Test XMPP features which will later be used on http://wikisuite.org
  • Test / develop features for Tiki as an IdP (Identity Provider) to Openfire
  • For theme integrators (Antoine is leading but you are welcome to help :-)) to improve the visual consistency between Tiki and Converse for all built-in themes. You can test the themes from a drop down at the bottom of the page.
  • Promote XMPP

You can chat at XMPP anonymously (just pick any username) or register to the site to get your own @wikisuite.chat XMPP ID.

The development team is coordinating here: ToDo

About this server

This site is running

Other XMPP chatrooms

Please check out: https://wikisuite.org/XMPP-chatrooms

Test account

u: test123
p: 98765
XMPP ID: test123 at wikisuite.chat