• I tried to add fabio as a contact and it failed fixed
  • I tried using Pàdé and I get bad username or password fixed

Bugs and features to code

  • https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-monitoring-plugin/issues/38 Fixed
  • On some accounts (Marc and Guillaume), Converse doesn't load on XMPP. Tested in at least two browsers. Fixed by Fabio. Was for user names with a period (.)
  • On mobile, on each page change, Converse keep on taking full screen even if I try to close
    • Even on desktop, the behavior is odd. If you minimize a chat windows, it is no longer minified on next page load
  • Adapt https://github.com/WikiSuite/app-openfire and https://gitlab.com/wikisuite/openfire to make use of OpenLDAP optional (Fabio) done